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  • 1975: Queen live on Sheer Heart Attack Tour at Kyden Taikukan, Fukuoka,...
  • 1978: Queen received platinum award for We Are The Champions sales in the...

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Album Analysis

Dear visitors
American musician Laurie Anderson (Lou Reed's wife, BTW) is quoted as claiming that 'writing about music is like dancing about architecture.' So, quoting David Bowie (Lou Reed's former producer, BTW): 'let's dance.' BTW, this research has nothing to do with The Velvet Underground. It's instead a small study about Queen albums.

It differs from Denes' outstanding 'Song Analysis' in that it's focused on the whole records, the way they're sequenced and some of their unifying features. Of course, it'd be unfair not to credit his section as the primary influence for this one. Special thanks to Libor for hosting and support, and to everybody in the Song Analysis forum.

What this section is about is, very briefly, commenting what happened on the albums: personnel involved, roles, castling, equipment, influences and, last but not least, a short comment from me. Hardly anything that would bring peace to the world or save lives, but at least it can briefly entertain some readers.


Sebastian, August 2012.