On this day
  • 1975: Queen live on A Night At the Opera Tour at City Hall, Newcastle, UK.
  • 1977: Queen live on News Of The World Tour at Summit, Houston, USA.

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Queen - The four of them as musicians

For the public the general image of most pop and rock bands is not really about their musical skills. This works for Queen too. Freddie Mercury for example is generally known as singer and poser on the stage with his characteristic mustache, not as composer and pianist in the studio. This chapter discusses the four members of Queen as musicians.

The Queen songbook incorporates an incredible number of styles. We can get a step closer to understand this incredible diversity if we take a look at their influental roots they had. What were these? The two decades they grew up in saw the end of the swing-era, the rise of the rock'n'roll in the fifties, motown, and the harmonic and stylistic explosion of the sixties, new sounds of developing studio-technique, succesfull young bands, singers guitarists and drummers whose approach to performance was very different from the "oldies".