On this day
  • 1980: Queen live on The Game Tour at War Memorial Auditorium, Syracuse, USA.
  • 1984: Queen live on The Works tour at Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany.

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Flash Gordon

Released on 8th December 1980 (the day John Lennon was shot)
Recorded between October and November 1980 at Anvil, Utopia, Music Centre and The Townhouse Studios in London
Produced by Brian May & Reinhold Mack
Engineered by Reinhold Mack & Alan Douglas
Music by Brian May, Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury, John Deacon & Howard Blake
Lyrics by Brian May
Arranged by Queen & Howard Blake

Queen Are:
Roger Taylor: Percussion, Vocals, Synthesiser
John Deacon: Bass, Guitar, Synthesiser
Brian May: Piano, Synthesiser, Vocals, Guitar, Organ
Freddie Mercury: Vocals, Synthesiser

First album without piano by Freddie (he played most of the synths though)
First album not co-produced by Freddie, John or Roger
First album without lyrics by Freddie, John or Roger
First album working with an orchestra

This soundtrack was released on the same day John Lennon was shot, and had been the first album since 'II' to have been recorded entirely in London and in less than two months. For the first time in the band's run, Brian May was the sole co-producer (with Mack) and he wrote all the lyrics; plus he played the piano for all the album (though Fred did most of the synth-parts).

Brian and John shared guitar duties and all four of them played synthesisers. For many of the themes, Howard Blake arranged and conducted the orchestra, which he did interactively with Freddie and Brian in some cases, such as The Kiss (where Mercury sang to him the melody in a high falsetto and Mr Blake expanded it as a symphonic movement). Some unusual cases for the band catalogue are seen here, such as:

  • Love Theme is performed entirely without Brian: guitar's by John. Freddie probably played some of the synths although it's also possible that Roger took care of that department.
  • Ming's Theme and The Ring have only Freddie's keyboards, Roger's drums and the orchestra.
  • Execution Of Flash only features John's Stratocaster guitar, plus the orchestra.
  • The Kiss is only Fred's synth, multi-tracked vocals and the orchestra.
  • Arboria only has John's synth.
  • Escape From The Swamp doesn't feature Freddie, Brian or John. Mack probably added some synths since some bits are quite similar to what he'd done in Rock It the same year
  • Vultan's Theme features only Fred's keyboards and Roger's drums. Both this song and Football Fight have synth-generated bass, a first of many for 80s Queen.
  • The Wedding March is performed entirely by Brian (organ + guitars) and Roger (drums).