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  • 1981: Queen released Greatest Flix VHS in the UK. It was the first time...
  • 1981: Queen took a publishing company to court to prevent unauthorised...

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Documented Timeline:

  • 1991:
    • January:
      • Monday 14th: The lead single is released internationally. In Parlophone territories, it's 'Innuendo' / 'Bijou', while in Hollywood Records, it's 'Headlong' / 'All God's People'.
      • Saturday 26th: The Chart Information Network reveals 'Innuendo' to have been the best-selling single of the week in Britain, replacing 'Sadeness (Part I)' by Enigma. It'd be knocked out a week later by '3 a.m. Eternal' by The KLF ft. Children of the Revolution.
    • February:
      • Friday 1st: Three days before having been officially released, the album's got enough pre-orders to be certified Silver and Gold in Britain, having already sold 60,000 and 100,000 copies, respectively.
      • Monday 4th: Album released in the UK.
      • Saturday 16th: The Official Charts Company reveals Innuendo to have been the best-selling album of the week in the UK, replacing Doubt by Wiltshire band Jesus Jones. It'd remain there a second week before being knocked out by American musician Oleta Adams and her album Circle of One.
    • March:
      • Friday 1st: The album is certified Platinum in the UK for having sold 300,000 copies. 'Innuendo', the lead single, is certified Silver in the same territory for having sold 200,000 copies.
    • April:
      • Wednesday 3rd: The album is certified Gold in America for having earned a million dollars worth of sales in that country.

Documented Recording Venues:

  • Metropolis Studios on 70 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, Hounslow, Greater London W4 1SY, England.
  • Mountain Studios in the Casino Barrière on 9 Theatre Road, Montreux, Vaud 1820, Swiss Confederation.
  • Olympic Sound Studios on 117 Church Road, Barnes, Richmond-upon-Thames, Greater London SW13, England.
  • The Town House on 150 Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush, Royal Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, Greater London W12 8EN, England.

Documented Personnel:

  • Performers:
    • The band:
      • John Deacon: Electric bass, digital synthesisers, MIDI programming.
      • Brian May: Backing vocals, electric guitars, digital synthesisers, acoustic piano, MIDI programming.
      • Frederick Mercury: Lead and backing vocals, acoustic piano, digital synthesisers, MIDI programming.
      • Roger Taylor: Lead and backing vocals, acoustic drums, digital synthesisers, MIDI programming.
    • Guest musicians:
      • Stephen Howe: Electric guitar.
      • Michael Moran: Acoustic piano, digital synthesisers, drum computer, MIDI programming.
      • David Richards: Digital synthesisers, MIDI programming.
  • Studio Crew:
    • John Brough: Assistant engineer (Town House).
    • Noel Harris: Assistant engineer (Metropolis).
    • David Richards: Deputy producer, chief engineer.
    • Justin Smith: Assistant engineer (Mountain).
  • Technical Crew:
    • Martin Groves: Equipment supervision.
    • Brian Zellis: Equipment supervision.

Documented Instruments:

  • Acoustic Pianos:
    • Bösendorfer (Unknown Model): Town House.
    • Steinway B 6' 10": Mountain.
    • Steinway (Unknown Model): Olympic and Town House.
  • Electric Basses:
    • Fender Precisions:
      • 1955 Masterbuilt: Possibly a spare, but perhaps used somewhere.
      • 196?: John had two (black and natural), which may have been his main ones.
      • 1981 Special: Possibly a spare, but perhaps used somewhere.
      • 1983 Elite: Possibly used alongside the main ones.
    • Non-Fenders:
      • Giffin Bespoke: Possibly a spare, but perhaps used somewhere.
      • Kramer DMZ: Most likely merely a spare, but could've also been used somewhere.
      • Music Man Stingray: Possibly a spare, but perhaps used somewhere.
      • Warwick Buzzard: Possibly a spare, but perhaps used somewhere.
  • Electric Guitars:
    • BHM Bespoke: Brian's main.
    • Gibson Chet Atkins CE: 'Innuendo' (alongside the BHM, of course).
    • Guild Bespoke: Brian's spare.
  • Percussion:
    • Ludwig Bespoke Acoustic Drums: Roger's main kits (he had several of them).
  • Synthesisers:
    • E-mu Emulator II+: Possibly used on 'All God's People'.
    • Korg M1: Main synth on the album, used virtually everywhere except for 'All God's People'.
    • Oberheim OB-X: Reportedly used on 'The Show Must Go On' alongside the Korg M1.
    • Roland D-50: Possibly used on 'All God's People'.