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  • 1966: The Reaction live at Dartmouth, Devon, UK.
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The Game

Released on 30th June 1980
Recorded between June and July 1979 and February and May 1980 at Musicland Studios in Munchen
Produced by Queen & Reinhold Mack
Engineered by Reinhold Mack & Josh MacRae
Music, Lyrics & Arrangements by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon & Roger Taylor

Queen Are:
Freddie Mercury: Synthesiser, Piano, Vocals, Guitar, Organ
John Deacon: Bass, Guitar, Piano
Roger Taylor: Percussion, Vocals, Guitar, Synthesiser
Brian May: Vocals, Guitar, Synthesiser, Piano

First album with keyboard synthesisers
First album featuring Freddie playing guitar
First album co-produced by Mack
First album recorded in (West) Germany
First album featuring all four band members playing guitar and keyboards
Crazy Little Thing was the band's first #1 hit in USA; Another One Bites The Dust would be the second
First album heavily based on loops
First album since Roger changed to a smaller drum-kit 

This album represents a turning point for the band in several aspects:

  • West Germany: For most of the eighties the band (and Roger and Freddie as solo artists) would record mainly in Munich with house producer Reinhold Mack.
  • Songwriting: Compared to earlier efforts, 'The Game' is much less progressive and features much less rhythm anomalies.
  • Drumming: Roger moved to a much smaller kit, and loads of drum-loops started to be used for recordings (and from 'Hot Space' onwards they'd employ drum-machines as well).
  • Guest Musicians: During the 70s there were very few extras in Queen albums (Roy played castanets on Masterstroke, people some crew joined for Seven Seas, Teo, Rock You and Entertain You at the end), while from this album onwards they'd rely on auxiliary musicians much more often. Here, Mack played synths in Rock It, and from Flash onwards all albums would feature input from external people in some rather important bits (e.g. Mack's programming in Machines, Steve Howe's guitar solo in Innuendo).
  • Image: Moustache and short-hair open up this new period. Btw, this is the first album since Freddie began smoking.


Still, it's important to note that 'Game' was still "classic" in some aspects: in spite of being the first with keyboard synthesisers, half of the album (at least!) is still synth-free; there are still numbers sung by Brian and Roger, albeit this time not entirely (Fred sings the intro of Rock It and the middle-eight of Sail Away Sweet Sister).