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  • 1977: Queen live on A Day At The Races Tour at Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam,...
  • 1991: Queen\'s Headlong entered UK charts at 28th place (later climbed up...

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Fun in Space

Documented Timeline:

  • 1980:
    • June: John writes a letter to the Fan Club and mentions that Roger's got a solo album being planned a he's written quite a few songs by then.
    • July: 
      • Early: The American magazine Creepy publishes an issue which Roger, who is in California at the time, uses for the album cover later on.
      • Late: Queen take a four-week break in the middle of their North American tour. Roger may have flown to Switzerland for part of said break to record parts of his album.
    • October: Roger continues working on the album in between touring commitments with Queen. He also writes a letter to the Fan Club confirming the album title.
    • November: Roger keeps working on the album in Montreux.
      • Monday 3rd: Roger writes a Xmas message to the Fan Club and mentions being completing the album in Switzerland.
  • 1981:
    • February: The Fan Club reports the tracklist for the album and mentions a possible release date around April.
    • March:
      • Monday 30th: The lead single in EMI territories, 'Future Management' / 'Laugh or Cry', is released.
    • April: 
      • Monday 6th: The album is released in Britain.
      • Mid-to-Late: Frederick writes a letter to the Fan Club and mentions having enjoyed Roger's album.
    • May:
      • Friday 15th: Lead single in Elektra territories, 'Let's Get Crazy' / 'Laugh or Cry', is released.
    • June:
      • Monday 29th: Sophomore single in the UK, 'My Country' / 'Fun in Space', is released.
  • 1996:
    • May: Album officially released in CD format for the first time.

Documented  Venues:

  • Mountain Studios in Casino Barrière on 9 Theatre Road, Montreux, Vaud 1820, Swiss Confederation: Recording and mixing.
  • Power Station on 441 West 53rd Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York 10019, United States of America: Original mastering.

Documented Personnel:

  • Performers:
    • David Richards: Piano, synthesisers.
    • Roger Taylor: Lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric drums, bass, piano, synthesisers, additional percussion.
  • Studio Crew:
    • Andre Gauchat: Co-engineer ('Airheads').
    • David Richards: Chief engineer.
    • Christopher Taylor: Equipment supervisor.
  • Sundry:
    • Alister Bowtell: 'Alien' character.
    • Colin Chambers: Illustration.
    • Peter Christopherson: Photography.
    • Jeffrey Cummins: Illustration.
    • Colin Elgie: Illustration.
    • Jill Furmanovsky: Illustration.
    • George Hardie: Illustration.
    • James Laurier: 'Alien' illustration.
    • Paul Mason: Photography and illustration.
    • Ian Wright: Graphics and illustration.

Documented Instruments:

  • Drums:
    • Gretsch: Spare.
    • Ludwig Bespoke: Main.
  • Electric Guitars:
    • Fender Esquire.
    • Fender Stratocaster.
    • Fender Telecaster.
    • Guild S-300.
    • Schecter.
  • Keyboards:
    • Oberheim OB-X Synthesiser: Main.
    • Roland VP-330 Synthesiser: Mostly for 'robotic' voices.
    • Steinway B 6' 10" Acoustic Grand Piano.