On this day
  • 1967: Reaction live at Perranporth Beach, UK.
  • 1971: Queen live at The Garden, Penzance, UK, as a support band to Warm...

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Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

Documented Timeline:

  • 1990:
    • March:
      • Monday 26th: Album is released in the UK.
    • April:
      • Monday 23rd: First single, 'Power to Love' / 'Passion for Trash', is released in the UK.
    • August:
      • Monday 6th: 'Liar' / 'In Charge of My Heart', released as single in West Germany.
    • November:
      • Monday 26th: 'Final Destination' / 'Penetration Guru', released as single in the recently unified Germany.

Documented Venue:

  • Mountain Studios in the Casino Barrière on 9 Theatre Road, Montreux, Vaud 1820, Swiss Confederation.

Documented Personnel:

  • Performers:
    • Philip Edney: Backing vocals, digital synthesisers, acoustic mandolin.
    • Joshua Macrae: Backing vocals, acoustic drums, additional percussion.
    • Clayton Moss: Lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars.
    • Peter Noone: Backing vocals, electric bass.
    • Roger Taylor: Lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars.
  • Studio Crew:
    • Justin Smith: Producer, chief engineer.