Shove It

Documented Timeline:

  • 1987:
    • September:
      • Monday 21st: Debut single, 'Cowboys and Indians' / 'Love Lies Bleeding', is released in Britain.
  • 1988:
    • January:
      • Sunday 3rd: Lead single, 'Shove It' / Rough Justice', is released in Britain.
      • Monday 25th: Album is released in the UK.
    • March:
      • Monday 28th: Sophomore single, 'Heaven for Everyone' / 'Love on a Tightrope', is released in the UK.
    • July:
      • Monday 4th: Non-album single, 'Manipulator' / 'Stand Up for Love', is released in the UK.

Documented Venues:

  • Associated Independent Recording Studios on 214 Oxford Street, Marylebone, City of Westminster, London W1C 1DA, England.
  • Maison Rouge Studio on 2 Wansdown Place, Fulham Broadway, Royal Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, Greater London SW6 1DN, England.
  • Mediterraneo Studios on Sant Llorenç de Balafia, Sant Joan de Labritja, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Kingdom of Spain.
  • Mountain Studios in the Casino Barrière on 9 Theatre Road, Montreux, Vaud 1820, Swiss Confederation.
  • The Town House on 150 Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush, Royal Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, Greater London W12 8EN, England.

Documented Personnel:

  • Performers:
    • Philip Edney: Digital synthesisers.
    • Brian May: Electric guitar.
    • Frederick Mercury: Lead and backing vocals.
    • Roger Taylor: Lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic drums, digital synthesisers, drum programming, electric bass.
  • Studio Crew:
    • John  Brough: Assistant engineer.
    • David Richards: Co-producer, chief engineer.