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  • Charles on 01 Sep 2013 07:23

    I am completely blown away by this website. Thank you so much for making this awesome effort! HUGE RESPECT AND THANKS!!

  • Freddy [] on 17 Aug 2013 08:42

    Its brianHAROLDmay, I got spamblocked!

  • Freddy [] on 17 Aug 2013 08:41

    Great site. I hope people contribute to making the songs more complete over time. You're a Hero!

  • hayley m. frosh [] on 07 Aug 2013 17:00

    I'd like you to see about getting the `Brian May Super Red Special` guitar for us (since we need it for a performance on Thurs. 5th Sept. 2013)...Please E-Mail me with the info..
    Many thanks..

    From H.M.F.

    Wed. 7th. Aug. 2013.

  • Talles [] on 09 Jul 2013 02:12

    Thanks for all the content of the website. I can really tell "It's a kind of magic"

  • Soeren on 03 Jun 2013 19:37

    WOW!! This library is just great =) Thank you

  • Rebecca [] on 24 Nov 2012 11:56

    Queen is one of my favourite rock bands of all time. I love their music :) Greetings from Germany

  • Lloyd Morgan [] on 20 Nov 2012 14:11

    Hello I love Queen.I love all their songs and play some on piano and drums and i get all of my music from this site and its a fantastic site for all the fans

  • Olivier [] on 12 Nov 2012 12:44


    November,24 - URADIO QUEEN - will pay tribute to Freddie Mercury with a radio station that celebrates the British rock singer’s 21st Anniversary of His Death.
    I hope you will enjoy!!!


  • Florent on 28 Jul 2012 11:40

    Thanks for this site. I've all the sheets on my phone. These sheets are official, that's the same than Freddie play in the songs. Thanks Very Much. Great job.

  • LMHBrother [] on 24 Jul 2012 21:27

    Thanks so much for all your effort - I always wanted to play their music and with your help I now can.

  • A. Person on 24 Jul 2012 10:20

    Brilliant website! I could spend years on here... Thank you very much!

  • bikram khadka [] on 05 Jan 2012 18:42

    outstanding site for all specially queen's fans.

  • jola [] on 18 Nov 2011 04:06

    this site is a heaven sent!

  • Rick W on 12 Nov 2011 01:29

    Hi! I was just geeking out to your analysis of Bohemian Rhapsody and I found a few typos, I also confirmed them with the wonderful piano transcription provided on this wonderful site.

    -The Opening Chord is Bb6/D, actually, that's just an opinion, cause you can write it gm7/d too, so nevermind.

    -if you want to enhance the B Bb A part, the chords are, more precisely: B/D# Bb/D A/C#

    -you're missing chords in parts, saying they're just descending bass parts. The Piano score on this site has the chords, you should put the in! "Bass lines chromatic, not functional?" Hmm, too easy.

    -In the crazy "No, no, no, no.." harmonies, the second to last note in the middle part is a D and not a Db, making the chord major, not minor Bb.

    -Also look at the piano score for the last 10 or so chords of the song, they're more comprehensively named, and you're missing a few.

    Thanks for the awesome site! and send me and email if you'd like to chat! rickrobot at yahoo dot com

  • Shiva [] on 06 Nov 2011 08:15

    I would like to thank you very much indeed for your great site. It helped me a lot. Best, Shiva

  • wee freddie [] on 30 Oct 2011 12:52

    your site is complete rubbish. i am trying to get guitar chords, but clicking on Live at Wembley 86 i get the song list, but only three songs have available chords, and not one is a Queen song

  • Ullyses Joyce [] on 24 Oct 2011 22:37

    I've just made a MISFIRE bass tab, how can I submit it ? Thanks for all the amazing tabs and arrangements on the site!

  • Dzuro Peter [] on 13 Sep 2011 23:11

    Gratulation!!! This is amazing work. Thanks for this website. Can be proud for your job. Regards Peter.

  • Elle [] on 12 Sep 2011 21:57

    Thank you very much! I am a piano teacher of 13 years-old talented kids. You should see their happy faces when I told them about your project. These kids have discovered the music of Queen just recently, for them your site is a real treasure. Thank you for inspiring young musicians!

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