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  • Ullyses Joyce [] on 24 Oct 2011 22:37

    I've just made a MISFIRE bass tab, how can I submit it ? Thanks for all the amazing tabs and arrangements on the site!

  • Dzuro Peter [] on 13 Sep 2011 23:11

    Gratulation!!! This is amazing work. Thanks for this website. Can be proud for your job. Regards Peter.

  • Elle [] on 12 Sep 2011 21:57

    Thank you very much! I am a piano teacher of 13 years-old talented kids. You should see their happy faces when I told them about your project. These kids have discovered the music of Queen just recently, for them your site is a real treasure. Thank you for inspiring young musicians!

  • Hippolyte [] on 10 Aug 2011 15:43

    I waited a long time for a website like that ! :) Thanks a lot ! But I don't find "Keep Yourself Alive" :)

  • Kristian [] on 01 Jul 2011 14:10

    Thank you so much for this website!! I am a pianoplayer and i LOVE queen.

  • Emily on 28 Jun 2011 05:51

    Fabulous website. I adore all the sheet music and thank you
    from the bottom of my heart for posting it! Love live Queen.

  • rc on 07 May 2011 16:35

    i like this site...but i don´t find all musics....

  • Marina on 19 Apr 2011 14:46

    Hola a todos! Hi everybody! Doy gracias por haber encontrado este sitio, es un imprescindible para todo músico queenero... La mejor página sin duda!

  • Beth on 14 Apr 2011 15:15

    this site is pretty much a dream come true for me. i'm always looking for piano-sheet-music of all of the Queen songs i listen to. very happy.

  • André Gomes on 21 Feb 2011 19:06

    Congratulations!!! You did a great job. Thanks (this site is incredible)
    Greetings from Portugal...MUITO OBRIGADO!!!

  • Jordin on 09 Feb 2011 03:40

    this is prehaps the greatest site ever.

  • Courtney Bess [] on 18 Jan 2011 21:03

    Oh thank you soo much from NYC!

  • liam on 07 Dec 2010 10:18


  • Jason Goswell on 27 Oct 2010 21:59

    this is a real gem of a site, it a wonder i never found it before first, class chords.

  • Jack on 28 Sep 2010 02:36

    Love the site, but there is something wrong with Flash. One page missing and two the same?

  • agustin [] on 23 Aug 2010 03:41

    Your work is brilliant, i am very thankful, as a piano player and aspiring songwriter i dig this site a lot!
    There are some sections that do no load thou... i ´d love if you could fix those (all the last items on the main page´s list), so i could read that missing part of your work.
    Thanks again, all the best from Argentina..

  • ferla lim [] on 13 Aug 2010 06:48

    Thank You Very Much.....great site

  • fe [] on 15 Jul 2010 07:13

    Great now I found these piano sheets!!! thank you so much for this.

  • John Anthony [] on 02 Jul 2010 16:10

    Great site, thank you! As I continue on my adventure to become the new singer for QUEEN, a site like this really energizes me. Stop by and have a listen All the Best ...

  • stevo_ [] on 25 Apr 2010 11:45

    a fantastic site, billiant concept! well done guys you have manch managed to bring together that which many seek..thank you, i will look forward to many visits

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