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  • Holy on 29 Feb 2008 14:03

    Nice site with a lot of original information, *LOVE IT*!

  • Judemac [] on 13 Feb 2008 22:02

    Interesting site, I collect Queen recordings from the common to the "Hard To Get" but this site is a one of a kind. Keep up the good work.

  • Stefano [] on 03 Feb 2008 01:31

    I don't know if you're italian...but here we say...SEI UN GRANDEEEEE! CONTINUA COSI!!!!
    U're the best, man!!!!


  • Joe on 14 Nov 2007 09:25

    Great site, original content, keep up your work guys!

  • Tom Sabol [] on 26 Jul 2007 16:09

    I just got a new iPod that will hold all my songs but I needed to find a use for my old nano. I have every Queen album released on disc but I thought this would be a quick way to get a tally to see if I can dedicate my nano to just Queen.

  • Mattias [] on 23 Jun 2007 18:33

    Great site, perfect for all us "nerds" out here!

  • Tigerlily [] on 14 Jun 2007 00:01

    hi! Great site! Especially the vast amount of Roger songs. Rock it and invite you to my site (also in English)

  • Lucreane on 12 May 2007 00:39

    I am thanking you so much for working on that site!
    I had in the past thoughts to collect information about their songwriting but didn't knew where to start. Perfect! Keep it on.

  • Andrew Berry [] on 06 May 2007 00:03

    Great site. I have been searching for ages for all this kind of stuff. Very close if not perfect to the original recordings.

  • daga on 01 May 2007 18:29

    Great Site. :) I wait for full info.

    Rock on

  • lillian aka krazie kat on 25 Apr 2007 04:44

    great site,a must 4 all fans

  • Jason Newman [] on 16 Apr 2007 16:49

    Hi there to all, as a keyboard player in a top queen tribute band I found this site to be very useful, full of knowledge and generally a fantastic resource. All the best in the future!!!

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