Joe on 14 Nov 2007
Great site, original content, keep up your work guys!
Tom Sabol on 26 Jul 2007
I just got a new iPod that will hold all my songs but I needed to find a use for my old nano. I have every Queen album released on disc but I thought this would be a quick way to get a tally to see if I can dedicate my nano to just Queen.
Mattias on 23 Jun 2007
Great site, perfect for all us "nerds" out here! QUEEN GEEK AND PROUD!!
Tigerlily on 14 Jun 2007
hi! Great site! Especially the vast amount of Roger songs. Rock it and invite you to my site (also in English)
Lucreane on 12 May 2007
I am thanking you so much for working on that site! I had in the past thoughts to collect information about their songwriting but didn't knew where to start. Perfect! Keep it on.
Andrew Berry on 06 May 2007
Great site. I have been searching for ages for all this kind of stuff. Very close if not perfect to the original recordings.
daga on 01 May 2007
Great Site. :) I wait for full info. Rock on
lillian aka krazie kat on 25 Apr 2007
great site,a must 4 all fans
Jason Newman on 16 Apr 2007
Hi there to all, as a keyboard player in a top queen tribute band I found this site to be very useful, full of knowledge and generally a fantastic resource. All the best in the future!!!