Jackson on 03 Mar 2020
This site is pretty amazing. I love it!
eva on 17 Feb 2020
Omg!! Queen is by far the best and ever!!!!!
Lorraine Cimino on 14 Dec 2019
Loads of information on Queen. Great website.
Ray on 22 Nov 2019
This is a truly great Queen website! I got here because of my interest in details of the Bohemian Rhapsody original recording. I have not found any other site that analyzes the tempo, notes, chords of that recording with the detail that you do. There are many arrangements (for solo, orchestra, marching bands, small ensembles, etc) with scores, but none of them actually attempt to replicate the score of the original recording with the multi-part vocal plus 4 instruments (with the many overdubs). I had myself discovered that the intro is best scored as four bars of something line 9/8 which you mention. Actually what works best is 9/8 9/8 9/8 17/16. That 17/16 may seem rather picky, but with 9/8 == 18/16, all subsequent bars are 1/16 too early. But, every score I have seen gives that intro 4 bars as 4/4 4/4 5/4 4/4 with some eighth rests which are not accurate representations of the actual recording. (For example the recording has 2 eighth rests between " life?" and "Is", and 3 between "-y?" and "Caught" (with an audible in-breath in there). As far as I know (and I would love to discover I am wrong) there is no official Freddie Mercury score, only transcription attempts by others. I am using Melodyne4 from Celemony Software where one can precisely see note-by-note syllable-by-syllable timing. Given that it is a-capella with some tempo variations, it is only natural that there are these subtle differences from a modern age digital production with strict tempo and pitch control. It is interesting because with this kind of software enables one to easily visualize the subtle timing variations of each overdub recording of the 4 vocal parts and the nuances of Brian Mays multiple guitar overdubs. A precise transcription may not be useful for others attempting to perform BR, however, attempting a precise transcription provides a interesting insight into the incredible skills of the musicians and the producer who used the tape technology of the time to meld all the various >>>> 24 recorded snippets into the final stereo recording.
Kendra on 20 Oct 2019
queen is awesome
Jennifer on 22 Jul 2019
Queen songs were played at my high school dances during some of the best years of my life - from 1981 to 1983 (age 14 to 17). I'll never forget tearing up the floor to their music. I'm 53 now, and Freddie Mercury is still in my soul, and always will be. His gift was genius. He is a Legend, and even though he died, he never left. I play piano, but haven't in years. Some day I will have a piano again. I will play his music.
Jackie Pfeifer on 22 Jun 2019
I have been searching for the possible existence of sheet music for a song Freddie performed called, “Time Waits for Nobody”....I think it was originally titled only, “Time”. I want to sing this for an audition for the musical “”Quilt”. Can you help me possibly locate it?
Lorenzo on 28 Mar 2019
Can you do a song analysis about the Queen's sono "The Hitman"? I'd like it so much!
deaky on 11 Jan 2019
I looooovvvvvve queeen
Jay Russ on 04 Dec 2018
On my first vehicle(high school ‘76) I proudly displayed a Queen Is King bumper sticker as they were one of my very first exposures to R&R. This site provides me great memories & insight. Thanks & God Bless.