'Another World' chords guide

Words and music by Brian May

Intro: 2x [Gsus2, G, Gsus2], G

                              C(6)   Am7          D      G    (G/F#), Emi7        Am
Verse (first half): In another world,      under another sky,               I see another story
Am7/D   D        G    (Gsus2)
Waiting   to be told
                    (Gadd2)   C(6)   C             Am         D      G    Hm/F#, Esus4  E
(Second half): And another    you        wakes up       with another me                for that´s
    Am                G/D    D6      G
The way we´ve come to be in another world

          G/H  G/D   Em             (Em/H, Em/D, Em)       C                          H
Chorus: In       a    different place                 way across time and space - the door
  H7/A Em   Em/F#, Em/G, Em             Am(7)                        C           D
Is open wide                  drawn to a different light, maybe we´ll step inside

Verse (only first half): In another world we can show we care,
you can be sure I´m waiting there in another world

Instr. (in C-dur): C, F, G, C, Am7, Dm, Dm/G, G, C, (Cadd2), F, G, C, Asus4, A7, Dm, Fm6, G, Csus4, C

Chorus: When the dice were cast, they laid a crazy path we follow to our graves,
but I know In different world, we journey a different way

Verse (only second half): So we live but life isn´t what it seems,
we´re only living in our Dreams in another world
Esus4, E               Am                 G/D       D6      C      (C/H), Am, D, G
        ...You can believe I´ll meet you here in Another world...             yeah, yeah

... cca. two minutes of beautiful silence...

Outro (probably symbolizing the Another World): 2x[Em, Asus4/E] 2x[Em, D/E]
3x[Em, Asus4/E], Am/E, Em, G, D(add9)/F#, Em, Dsus4. D, G, D/F#, C/E, Dsus4, D,
Am7, G/H, C, (Cmaj7), G, Am7, G/H, C, Dsus4, (Csus2/D - this is that high silent chord),
Em, Asus4/E, Em, Em7sus4(decomposited chord), kontra E (only bass)

PS: Asus4/E can be played as Em7sus4, but without note h
Author: Filip Krejci, Czech Republic, (andilek-filipe
Last update: 03/21/2007