Dear Friends

Written by Brian May

Recording information by Philipp (

Recorded in summer 1974 somewhere in England.
Released in November 1974 on the album Sheer Heart Attack.

That one is (for me to write) and were (for the guys to record) a quickie.
A short and beautiful piece, which is rather a sung poem with some vocal harmonies and piano accompaignment that a proper song. It is surely good work and another proof for Queen's versaitility.

Played by Brian. Picked up with two microphones, which went into two separate tracks to get the stereo-feel. It's most likely a brown Bechstein, the one that used to be at Wessex Studios back then - not to be confused with the black Bechstein (the 'Hey Jude' one, also used on some early Queen and Bowie records among many others) or with the white Bechstein (the 'Bo Rhap' one).

The backing vocals were done exclusively by Brian (compare them with Lily of the Valley to tell the difference with Freddie's voice). He recorded three tracks (three voices). Then he put the lead vocals on a fourth track.
The sounds of the voices were given lots of treble (by EQ) and they're very dry (no reverb or delay).

By the way:
This is the 6th-shortest Queen-track ever!
It even had a place on a no.1-release: it is to find on some versions of the Five Live EP.