Written by Brian May

Recording information by Philipp (

Recorded in early 1986 at the Townhouse Studios, London.
Released in May 1986 on the Cd-version of the album A Kind Of Magic.

A wonderful gift for those who already like "Who Wants To Live Forever?".
Brian creates an intense atmosphere with this simple, but moving instrumental.
While the other members took a break, work-aholic Brian May stayed in the studio (with David Richards) and recorded this track.

No question, this is typically Brian´s piano-style. This was the first track he recorded and there´s no synchronizing. He used the sustain pedal a lot and a nice hall reverb was added. As it is recorded with mics, you can hear some background noises, when you listen carefully with karaoke-trick.
The piano-signals seem to be placed more right than left in the stereo-panorama.

Spike Edney collaborated on synths, using either a Yamaha DX-7 or an E-MU Emulator II.
The keyboard went directly into the desk. There were two tracks recorded:
One more left, the other one more right. This makes a fat sound.
On some places, the sounds are slowly fading in or they´re suddenly going into the background.

By the way:
This instrumental is also used in the Theatre-Domain of Queen The Eye.
Take a look at Brian, playing synth-strings at Wembley 86´ (Who Wants To Live Forever). This song was recorded digitally... and somebody played synthesizer...