Written by Freddie Mercury

Recording information by Philipp (

Recorded in 1978 at Mountain Studios, Switzerland and/or Super Bear Studios, France.
Released in 1978 on the album Jazz.

One of Freddie's ballads, which have to be on every album. Roger's cymbals bring the right dynamics into the song.

Probably played on a Gretch-kit. Roger used a big selection of Crash Cymbals and picked them up with separate mics. So the cymbals are panned differently into the stereo-panorama. He also overdubbed some Cymbals. The hi-hat is panned right.

John's bass-sound is very melodic with lots of treble. He maybe used a compressor to get a long sustainb (listen to the slides at the very end!).
Possibly played with a Music Man Stingray. Recorded via D.I. and with the use of some EQ.

Freddie´s wonderful piano-sound has lots of treble and is very clean.
It´s probably picked up with two mics and the signals are mixed left and right, but don´t differ very much. Freddie used his touring piano - an 8 ft 11.75 in Steinway made in New York.

Brian took an old Hairfred - acoustic. He had modified the bridge and the fretwires and the strings lay very gently on the fretwire, to get make that sitar-like sound. Mixed into the center.

The backing-vocals are probably recorded on two tracks and mixed quite present.
Freddie´s lead-vocals are mixed into the middle.