Modern Times Rock'n'Roll

Written by Roger Taylor

Recording information by Philipp (

Recorded at Trident Studios in 1972.
Released in July 1973 on the album Queen.

The first Queen-song by Roger to be recorded. The title describes it perfectly.
Unfortunately the song has the worst sound-quality on the album and you can hardly hear some clever parts...but you´ve to think of the recording conditions.

Roger's drums have a very hollow "demo-tape"-sound.
The kit consisted of a bass-drum, a snare, a hi-hat and one or two cymbals.

John's Fender Precision Bass also sounds very low and hollow.
Recorded via D.I.

There´s a left and a right rythm guitar. The right one plays more lead-orientated riffs and fills, while the left one plays mostly chords.
In the solo-part there are two additional guitars: One is more panned right and does the main solo-stuff, the other is to hear more left and plays some additional licks.
The rythm guitars have got lots of distortion amd sound really dirty. The solo-guitars are also quite distorted to get a good sustain, but have much more treble/mids and reverb.

After the solo a piano fades in and plays till the end. (very in the background). Picked up simply with one mic. The piano used was the famous 'Hey Jude' Bechstein (not to be confused with the white 'Bo Rhap' Bechstein).

Roger sings the lead vocals and stuff. His voice has a echoing delay (about 200-300ms).
In the chorus his voice is panned from left to right. His cool delayed vocal at the end of the song has a much longer feedback than the rest.
Backing vocals during the choruses are done by Roger and Freddie. Producer John Anthony shouts the 'look out' line near the end.