My Baby Does Me

Written by John Deacon and Freddie Mercury

Recording information by Philipp (
Many thanks to Matt for his valuable help!

Recorded somewhere between January 1988 and January 1989.
Released in May 1989 on the album The Miracle.

My Baby Does Me is one of the little-known tracks.
The song-material itself is rather b-side-style, but the incredibly large-scale Miracle production-standards made a clever piece of music out of it. It's not the melody or the lyrics which count with this track, but the arrangement and the atmosphere. Check it with stereo-headphones and some concentration, and you won't be disappointed.

The sound has lots of bass-frequencies.

There's one major keyboard-track, which is doing the chords. It has an E-Piano sound and is played by John on a Yamaha DX-7.
On some places (especially the outro) it is doubled with a bell-sound. This bell-sound is also playing some overdubs at 0:41,1:09 and so on.
At 1:38 and 1:54 there are further overdubs, but this time they're done with a xylophone-track.At 1:23,1:58-2:10,2:17 and 2:51-end there are several overdubs with a sweep-pad (a synth which takes some time to fade in after you've touched the keys).

Guitars: (Brian)
One guitar(let's call it guitar 1) plays along with the bass from 0:13 till 1:30, at 1:51 and from 2:09 till the end. It is mixed entirely into the right
A second guitar (guitar 2) is doing the same (+some other little fills) one octave higher from 0:16 till 0:28,0:56 till 1:25 and 2:18 till the end. It is mixed entirely into the left channel.
Guitar 3 is playing small fills 'n' overdubs at 1:22, 1:55, 2:11,2:21 and from 2:31 till the end. Left channel.
Guitar 4 is the solo-guitar and plays all the rest.

Everything's played on the Red Special.
Guitars 1 + 2 are completely dry and were possibly recorded directly into the desk. Guitar 3 has a sparkling clean-sound, compression and delay.
Guitar 4 has high-gain distortion, a stereo-chorus and a bit delay 'n' reverb.

Vocals: (Freddie)
In the bridge-part towards the end there is a little choir consisting of three voices (all recorded by Brian).
Another track has some overdubs, like Freddie whispering "chaka-chaka-chaka", and is hidden under the solo-interludes after the verses.
The rest is recorded on the lead vocal-track. Freddie's voice is recorded quite dry, with only a tiny bit of reverb used.

By The Way:
The song actually contains more instruments than it seems at first.
Although the song is credited to Queen (well,Roger and Brian definitely had some input, but they aren't the main-writers) the actual song is a collaboration between Freddie and John (Freddie confirmed this).
Freddie/John collaborations weren't an unusual thing in the 80's and the results mostly belonged to the funky side of Queen.