Who Needs You

Written by John Deacon

Recording information by Philipp (PraxisNothaft@t-online.de)

Recorded in summer 1977 in England.
Released in october 1977 on the album News Of The World.

John brought a new style into Queen: Latin.
The song itself is light, easy to listen to and very, very nice. It sounds as if the band had lots of fun during the recording sessions.

Drum & Percussion:
Roger did the basic drum-kit-tracks. Bass-drum, snare/toms (he only hits the rims) and ride-cymbal are in the middle (the snare/toms go from right to left at the start). The hi-hat is right. Brian played maracas, which were panned left. Freddie's cowbell-track is in the center.

There are two acoustic rythm guitars (left-right). Probably both are played by John. The acoustic solo-guitar is done by Brian (panned left). Then there´s an overdub-track with an acoustic guitar, playing natural harmonics. And last but not least there are three electric guitars. They´re playing the multi-track backing (left-middle-right).
The acoustic guitars are spanish acoustics with nylon strings, plucked with fingers. The electric guitars have got a bit of phasing/chorus.

The backing vocals were all done by Freddie (about 4-5 voices) and are mixed into the middle.
Freddie's lead vocals are panned right.