Quote related to 'Bijou' from 'Innuendo'

Freddie really loved the Innuendo album. Listening to it, you hear some of the more flamboyant aspects coming back into the arrangements. Whereas The Miracle had been a bit straight and basic, Innuendo had all the flair and magic of Freddie's fingerprint. It was like he was putting his stamp on what would be his swansong because I obviously cannot count Made in Heaven as his, although I am sure he would be very happy with the results of John, Brian and Roger's very hard work. Each time, he brought a cassette of the day's work home, he was incredibly excited. Even if some of us might have been asleep, he would wake everyone up and make us listen. He was giving it his all. He didn't care that he would fall into bed totally exhausted. If we were still worried that all this hard work was shortening his life, he made it very clear that he didn't care. Once he had started working on this album, there was nothing, absolutely nothing, going to stop him from completing what I believe he considered some of his best work. He always considered his best work as that which he did with Queen. The four tracks whose words and music outline were Freddie's are obviously All God's People and Slightly Mad as well as Delilah. And then, of course, there was Bijou, the fourth. For those of you who remember BBC Radio's Round the Horne, the title perfectly describes Freddie's “little trifle” that he insisted on going on the album and which of course afforded such a wonderful showcase for Brian May. Who else but Freddie could come up with a title like Bijou?

Peter Freestone; An Intimate Memoir, 1st of November 2001