Quote related to 'The Show Must Go On' from 'Innuendo'

A lot of people thought Freddie wrote The Show Must Go On, but mainly I wrote it. I did a complete demo for The Show Must Go On, including that very high part, “on with the show,” and I said to Freddie - ‘cause Freddie always used to say, “oh, Brian, you're fucking making me tear my throat to bits again” - so I remember apologising in advance. I said, “I've done this in falsetto, I don't know if it's possible to do it full voice, but obviously that would be great,” and he went, “oh, for God's sake, roll the tape.” A couple of vodkas and he went for that line, which is outstanding for him to reach those notes. He's reaching heights he's never done before, he's finding the energy from somewhere. And the voice on The Show Must Go On is incredible. He rose to every challenge.

Brian May; Days of Our Lives, 2011