Quote related to 'Fat Bottomed Girls' from 'Jazz'

[what was the inspiration] I could give you a glib answer, couldn't I? But I think the chorus just popped into my head as a tune and a set of words. Same as 'Tie Your Mother Down' did. I didn't know what the hell 'Tie Your Mother Down' was supposed to mean, off the top of my head. But it became something that meant something: a teenage rebellion song. And 'Fat Bottomed Girls' became a song about the girls who help the spirits of the performers backstage, I suppose. The groupies or whatever. In light of what we were saying before about Freddie's sexual orientation, I remember thinking, "Freddie's going to have to sing this and I'm going to write it so you can take it any way you like. You can be into anything and this would still make sense." And I remember thinking, "This is kind of interesting: Why does everybody love casual sex with people that they otherwise wouldn't want to be with? Why does that mean so much to them? Where does it come from?" So some other words are about things that people will possibly remember from their youth.I saw a smile when Freddie was singing it, but we never talked about it. We didn't with our songs. Odd, isn't it? You'd think we would talk about our lyrics with each other, but we never did. It was kind of an unwritten law that you really didn't explain your lyrics to the other guys. But I wanted Freddie to be comfortable with it. And it's a fun song. But I still wonder how Freddie felt about it. I don't know if he knew that I wrote things to make it fun for him too. Delicate ground, isn't it?

Brian May; Guitar World, October 1998