Quote related to 'Don’t Stop Me Now' from 'Jazz'

It's a world-wide cast-iron 22 carat copper-bottom SMASH !! A song is not a scientific essay or dissertation; it is entertainment. It conveys emotion, dreams, excitement - it shares feelings. A songwriter can say “black is white” … or “I see three of you” … or “The World is Flat” … anything he likes - in the name of Art - if it WORKS! Art is not Science, and Science is not Art. The reason that this song has grown and grown in popularity over the years is precisely because everybody feels it expresses their OWN excitement, in the journey they are on. The words tumble out … all jumbled up, conflicting, metaphors all random, just like they do when we are excited, on a roller-coaster, on a ski slope, flying … jumping . … or .. in love. “Supersonic” … “Sex Machine” … “Rocket Ship” … all the things Freddie has put in here - beginning with “I'm a …” are completely nonsensical, viewed from a point of view of someone with no sense of humour, no understanding of spontaneity, excitement, dangerous passion … joi de vivre. Obviously he can't be a satellite, and a rocket ship, and a sex-machine all at the same time. That is why it's so brilliant!! The song is not just good .. it's a work of genius … because the words AND the music express these wonderful feelings so well … you will see in any wedding, party, hen-night, celebration, the effect this track has when it comes on. It's magic.

Brian May; Official Website, 19th of July 2009