Quote related to 'Innuendo'

As much as possible we've done it live in the studio, with three or four of us playing at one time. There's a fair bit of new technology. Sometimes we would start off by programming something and working around it, but in almost every case we replaced original material with real stuff as we went along. With the digital [recording] gear you can allow yourself to do that more freely, because if you make copies you don't lose quality. What I've always said about digital is that you can preserve the "liveness". In the old days you would say: "That's very nice as a demo, but now we'll do it properly". Now you can say: "That's great as a demo; we'll use this piece and incorporate it into the finished product". So you use tht first take of a vocal for instance, and it's there: sparkling and clear on the final mix.

Brian May; Vox magazine, 1991