Quotes related to 'Star Fleet Project' album

Quotes related to the album

Star Fleet was totally unpremeditated—we did it on the spur of the moment. It was very hard for me, but somehow I had a lot of courage that day, and everything worked.

Brian May; Back To Where He Once Belonged, Faces magazine, 1984 #

I realised a big gap in my life was not playing with other musicians. I wanted to get out and find out what it was like to play with other people – I had almost never done it. We’ve never been into the superstar thing of people guesting on the albums. In this case we really needed it because we got sorely fed up with each other after we finished touring in Japan last November. We decided we couldn’t stand the sight of each other for a few months and had to take a break. We needed new energy. I also produced a group called Heavy Petting, played a few sessions and did the solo album, I still think that Queen is stronger than any of it’s parts; that’s why there’s still a band called ‘Queen’

Brian May; Sounds U.K., January, 1984 #