Quotes related to 'Greatest Hits III' album

Quotes related to the album

We've actually called it "Queen+", cos its a difficult thing, you know, to, what do you call it, you know, it's not all, they don't all have Freddie on them. So we thought, you know, we'd actually include these collaborations, so we've got quite a good, you know, quite good singers on there really, er, David Bowie, George Michael, Elton John, Montserrat Caballe. It's quite, it's fairly impressive (laughs) list, and they're just the replacements.

Roger Taylor; The Queen Story, Radio 2, 6 November, 1999 #

Quotes related to 'Thank God It’s Christmas' #

Well the funny thing is that you have to make Christmas records in the summer, and you just don't feel like it. Cos if you start making them at Christmas, obviously it's all over before you've got it out.

Brian May; Pop On The Line, BBC World Service, November 16th, 1997 #