Quotes related to 'Electric Fire' album

About the album

It was done over about 3 years. So quite a while really, but it was done in little bursts of writing and working and so it took quite a while to actually get a whole album together - so it's a long project but in bursts.

Roger Taylor; Russ Williams Show, Virgin Radio, 25 September 1998

I spend quite a long time really er just coming up with the odd song here and there and then all of a sudden there it was. Er an album. An album full. And it is very diverse I think. And er of my solo work I think it is the best I have done so far so er you know see if … I hope people like it!

Roger Taylor; Retro countdown, SGR Colchester, March 21, 1999

About 'Surrender'

Surrender is all about domestic Violence. And its er its really sung from the the woman's point of view, the sort of point of view of the sort of er I suppose the er battered wife or girlfriend you know really. Which is quite a sort of poinient point of view. And I suppose its quite depressing really!! But um its just… I think it's a subject which is hardly touched um and it is a subject which does affect a lot of people er in in the country and well all over the world. And its is a subject which is rrrarely talked about and is very hard to deal with.

Roger Taylor; Retro countdown, SGR Colchester, March 21, 1999