Quotes related to 'Fun In Space' album

Quotes related to the album

I've written so many songs lately that it was impossible to put them all on a Queen LP. A solo album was the only solution.

Roger Taylor; Popcorn, Munich, June 1981 #

On playing all instruments on his own: For several reasons. First I spared long explanations about how I want the songs to be. The more, I wanted to prove that I am very versatile. In the end I don't want to spend my whole life behind the drums. There are enough other drummers who showed that solo albums are not only a thing of guitarists, singers and keyboarders.

Roger Taylor; Popcorn, Munich, June 1981 #

On monster on the cover: It's called Ernie and derives from an american comic series. I liked the little beast so much that I use it as an identification.

Roger Taylor; Popcorn, Munich, June 1981 #

That album was a bit of a rush job, actually. I thought I'd run out of nerve if I didn't move on it quickly. And I did it much too fast.

Roger Taylor; Modern Drummer, October 1984 #