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  • 1974: Queen released 2nd album Queen II in the UK. Apparently in...
  • 1974: Queen live on Queen II Tour at Locarno, Sunderland, UK.

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Project History

The project started back in late 2000 with the "repetition" chapter, soon followed by the  series of song analyses. Through the years the material grew close to the completion. It was planned to be published in book format. This plan was unfortunately cancelled due to the lack of interest by both the publishers and Queen management. After all rejections the project had to get back down to the earth and stay as a non-profit on-line publication.

Released or not, this is probably the most extensive written material dealing with the Brittish rockband Queen. In book format it would have taken 800 pages. Considering the topic the length is well-needed. There is too much to be said on the music of Queen. One wonders why a book like this had not yet been written ages before. It really cried out to get written. Probably because such a book is difficult to even start without inspiring reference works. As reference this book uses the mere music and just a couple of interviews.
It has to be admitted, that a number of important details could not be obtained resulting in a number of guesses and consequetly also some mistakes in the chapters. We have to deal with this and hope that later they will be corrected.