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  • 1974: Queen released 2nd album Queen II in the UK. Apparently in...
  • 1974: Queen live on Queen II Tour at Locarno, Sunderland, UK.

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Scope of work

This research project offers a detailed overview on the musical framework of Queen songs and albums, and of the band members as musicians. The main part of the "book" analyses each individual Queen songs one by one, including B-sides, available rarities, Smile songs, and also some live versions. The last analysed song is "No One But You". Since then Brian May and Roger Taylor opened a brand new chapter in the history of Queen which is still wide open and won't be discussed in this QSR.

The first chapters provide you a brief introduction into the "mysterious" world of music theory. If you have basic knowledge of chords (for example rooky guitar and keyboard players), you can learn qickly the basic knowledge that is necessary for the comprehension of the technical talk of the analyses, or at least the most of it. Then we are going to get an overview of the band members, how did they start performing and writing music, and how their skills evolved during the legendary years both as instrumentalists and as songwriters.
The middle chapters, which is the main part of the book, are going to analyse the individual Queen songs in terms of harmony, rhythm, songform, and arrangement.

A big part of this material had not been discussed before, and may work as reference of later resarches. Tremendeous amount of details is included ranging from "boring" to extremly interesting observations (a lot of them!). For first look it may seem to be over-detailed, but it's really just a light work compared to academic works in terms of level of detail.

 A whole chapter is dedicated to the live performances, how they converted their songs for the stage in the era closed and partly represented by the "Live Killers" album in 1979, and later on.
Another chapters are dedicated to the special instruments, special playing tecniques, and special chord progressions featuring in Queen songs.