On this day
  • 1991: The Cross live at Stadthalle, Erlangen, Germany. Their Blue Rock...
  • 1995: Brian was in India to watch the Solar Eclipse.

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What is it all good for?

Song analyses are not intended to make you enjoy music better. On the other hand they train your sense of musical aesthetics, provide you a vaste source of ideas how to write better songs, and make you able to rate songs and songwriters more fairly by strictly musical aspects instead of mere bias.
Keep in mind, that close look might make things seem bigger. Reading this book may provoke a false consequence that there was no contest for Queen. Before creating such a judgement it is strongly recommended to look around for possible "contest" in bookshops and across the internet, and learn that Queen were not the only band with creative songwriting talents. On the other hand the Queen songbook will probably bear the test of wider perspective. Read the "Bicycle Race" or "Bohemian Rhapsody" analyses to get an instant justification. Our four songwriters (ie. Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, John Deacon and Brian May) were able to combine the catchy and creative songwriting on a remarkably high level and on remarkably grand scale, which is their lasting achivement in the history of popular and rock music.