Neighbour key modulations

(I to IV, I to V, i to iv, i to v, I to ii, I to iii, i to VII, i to VI)

A frequent destination of modulations are the "neighbour" keys (neighbour in context of the circle of fifths). Only +/- one sharp/flat is the differnce between the pitch-set of the target and destination.

Major to Major
Queen: Who Needs You,
Beatles: From Me To You
Erasure: Sometimes
Abba: Honey Honey
Carl Carlton: Everlasting Love
minor to minor
No Doubt: Don't Speak
Madonna: La Isla Bonita
Queen: Who Wants To Live Forever, The Prophet's Song

Major to minor
George Michael: Praying For Time
Beatles: For No One
Freddie Mercury: Living On My Own (Bridge)
Elvis Presley: I Cant Help Fallin In Love (?)

minor to Major:
Level 42: Running In The Family
Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Ludig v. Beethoven: Für Elise