Relative key modulations

(I to vi, i to III).

This is also a frequently used modulation type. It does not change the number of sharped/flatted notes (except the sharpened 7th in the minor scale). There are songs where it is a mean of creating contrast between sections ("All Dead,All Dead"). In other cases it is merely a hard to notice displacement of the harmonic "gravity center" toward the relative key ("You Are My Best Friend").

Queen: Jesus, All Dead, All Dead
Beatles: And I Love Her.
Bobby Vinton: Trouble Is My Middle Name 1963
George Gershvin: I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'
Grease soundtrack: You Are The One That I Want
Abba: SOS
Bob Marley: You Could Be Loved
Celine Dion: That's The Way It Is
U2: One
Metallica: One (not perfect example because the Major key (D) is mixolydian)
Roxette: Fading Like A Flower
REM: Everybody Hurts
Fool's Garden: Yellow Lemontree
Freddie Mercury: Living On My Own
Johann Krieger: Minuett