She Makes Me

Composer: Brian May
Meter: 4/4
Key: A Major
Form:     Intro | Verse | Verse | Bridge |
                        | Verse | Bridge | Outro

"She Makes Me" is a slow paced folk song written by May. The slow tempo, the monotone repeated harmony, the long monotone outro makes the song one of the least accessible song in the Queen canon, but also a secret favourite for those who were patient enough to let the song grow on them.
The main instrument is the acoustic guitar, but electric guitar harmonies vocal harmonies are completing the backing track beside the bass and the monoton heavy drumbeat.
The songform is very basic AABAB.

The intro exposes the opening hook of the verse.

          /- 4x -\\
|      D | A    D |
|      IV| I    IV|

The backing track of th verse is carrying forward the intro hook,only the fourth phrase changes the chords, but the harmonic rhythm is kept. The lead vocal is fragmentary, with two measure phrases (melody-wise: ABCCC), and upbeats. Many vocal phrases are doubletracked.

    /- 2x --\\
 D  | A   D |
 IV | I   I |

/- 2x --\\
| A   D |
| I  IV |

/- 2x --\\
| A   D |
| I  IV |

| Em7   : vocal harmony
| C/D   | G/D    |
| bIII  | bVII   |

/- 2x -\\
| A  D |
| I  IV |


Second and third verse close with the dominant chord which is absent from the verse so far.

| A  D | A  E |
| I  IV| I  V |

The second verse adds harmony vocals from the third phrase on, but the third verse drops them again.

The Bridge is contrasting to the Verse with more melodic lead vocal and bassline, and earfriendly chord progression with a mini chain of fifths (C# > F# > B), Between V/V and I Brian puts a IV instead of the dominant, but the cadence sounds almost the same naturally as a completed cadence of fifths. The last phrase is attached a guitar motif that drives the music back to the verse.
The The bass plays with more freedom here.

The second Bridge adds guitar harmonies in two groups (left and right), one with ornament in m1-3.

| A  E  | A -maj7 -7 | D6 maj7 | -     |
| I  V  | I          | IV      | -     |

| A  C#7| F#m /E B/D#  |
| I V/vi| vi     V/V   |

| D9    | A   D | -    |
| IV    | I  IV | -    |


The outro makes use of what turns to be one of Brian's trademark over the long run: the pedal bass. The bass plays D, but toward the end of the song harmony guitars take over the dominance taking the harmony back rooted to A.
The acoustigc gitars plays chord pairs creating dissonance with the bass and with the lead vocal as well. The latter reprises twice the "she is my love" phrase from the verse.

    /- 4x -\\
|... D | C/D  D |

more chord pairs:

C/D Bb/D


G/D Am/D

G5,7 Am/D

Bb/D Am/D

The dissonances creat lots of tension that is also contributed by the sirene-noise (recorded by May in the hospital) and the heavy breath noise. The guitar chords are fading out and stop for the last seconds. The low tom rolls here foreshadow the ending of "God Save The Queen".