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  • 1975: Queen live on Sheer Heart Attack Tour at Kyden Taikukan, Fukuoka,...
  • 1978: Queen received platinum award for We Are The Champions sales in the...

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Instrumental Guides

Content of this archive consists of guitar, bass, voice, drum tabs, chords and piano sheets (partitures) and is maintained and supervised by Denes. Also many thanks to Philipp Nothaft and to other tabbers.

The arrangement for piano sheets was done with many means, such as midi files, edited audio files, master tapes, and much more, so it took up a lot of time and this is the result. Be aware that this is done for no charge at all and is no professional work (although much better than some published books on sheet music!). Please send you feedbacks, comments and requests to federicofp@gmail.com. But, most of all, if you find some mistake, let me know!

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