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  • 1977: Queen live on A Day At The Races Tour at Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam,...
  • 1991: Queen\'s Headlong entered UK charts at 28th place (later climbed up...

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Back to the Light

Documented Timeline:

  • 1991:
    • November:
      • Monday 25th: 'Driven by You' / 'Just One Life' released as single in the UK.
  • 1992:
    • August:
      • Tuesday 25th: Lead single, 'Too Much Love Will Kill You' / 'I'm Scared', released in the UK.
    • September:
      • Monday 21st:  Album released in Britain.
    • October:
      • Thursday 1st: The album is simultaneously certified Silver and Gold in the UK, and the 'Too Much Love Will Kill You' single is certified Silver.
    • November:
      • Thursday 19th: Sophomore single, 'Back to the Light' / 'Nothin' But Blue', released in the UK.
  • 1993:
    • June:
      • Monday 7th: Third single, 'Resurrection' / 'Too Much Love Will Kill You', released in the UK.
    • December:
      • Monday 6th: Fourth single, 'Last Horizon' / 'Let Your Heart Rule Your Head', released in the UK.

Documented Venues:

  • Allerton Hill on Westwood Road, Windlesham, Surrey Heath, Surrey GU20 6LS, England.
  • Marcus Studios on 17-21 Wyfold Road, Royal Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, Greater London SW6 6SE, England.
  • Metropolis Studios on 70 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, Hounslow, Greater London W4 1SY, England.
  • Monnow Valley Studio in the Old Mill House, Rockfield, Monmouthshire NP25 5QE, Wales (not England).
  • Mountain Studios in the Casino Barrière on 9 Theatre Road, Montreux, Vaud 1820, Swiss Confederation.
  • Sarm West Studios on 8 - 10 Basing Street, Notting Hill, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Greater London W11 1ET, England.
  • The Town House on 150 Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush, Royal Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, Greater London W12 8EN, England.

Documented Personnel:

  • Performers:
    • Instrumentalists:
      • Donald Airey: Digital synthesisers.
      • John Deacon: Electric bass.
      • Geoffrey Dugmore: Acoustic drums.
      • Brian May: Acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, acoustic and digital pianos, digital synthesisers, MIDI programming.
      • Michael Moran: Acoustic piano, digital synthesisers.
      • Neil Murray: Electric bass.
      • Geoffrey Nicholls: Digital synthesisers.
      • Colin Powell: Acoustic drums.
      • Gary Tibbs: Electric bass.
    • Singers:
      • Brian May.
      • Gilbert O'Donovan.
      • Suzanne O'List.
      • Margaret Ryder.
      • Miriam Stockley.
      • Christopher Thompson.

Documented Instruments:

  • Electric Guitars:
    • BHM Bespoke: Main.
    • Ibañez Joe Satriani: 'Nothin' But Blue'.
    • Guild Bespoke.