Celebrating Queen on 19 Nov 2021
We posted the wrong message below ... for some reason queen zone was in our memory but if you want to see us perform with the information from Queen Songs website you can go to
Celebrating Queen on 19 Nov 2021
This is a wonderful site, giving insight into the recording and playing of Queen songs from first to las albums. We are using some of the information on the Queen Songs website to perfect the sound and performance of the Queen Songs used in our live performances. We hope you will see us at some point. Visit us at for more information.
Lia on 15 Oct 2021
Thanks Lia
JaydenGP on 28 Aug 2021
Hii, I really appreciate this wonderful site, I would like to know how I can contribute with tabs because I have some rarities on hand and I would like to share ^^
Matheus on 28 Feb 2021
thank you for this fabulous website
Matheus on 28 Feb 2021
greetings from brazil
Neil Kernon on 14 Jan 2021
Hello. I just saw this website. You've done a very nice job of collating all the information. I worked as assistant engineer on several of the band's albums -in chronological order - Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, and a live album (recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, London) which we mixed in early 1975.
rose howes on 28 Sep 2020
Queen is the bomb
Anna on 09 Sep 2020
Love this! Thank you.
Ngurah Arya Taruna Darma on 10 May 2020
Nice page