My Melancholy Blues

Written by Freddie Mercury

Recording information by Philipp (

Recorded in summer 1977 in England.
Released in october 1977 on the album News Of The World.

The title describes the song perfectly. It was done completely without Brian and the recording session had quite a live feel as I suppose.

Drums: (Roger)
The drumming is done quite decently with brushes. The kit consisted of some cymbals, the snare (in the middle) and some tomes. The are mixed into different stereo-channels. Take a look at the fills: when Roger hits the drums, it often goes from left to right with every hit.

Bass: (by John)
It was recorded via D.I. and some EQ was used to get the right "bassey" sound. The bass is mixed quite loudly and when you listen with bog speakers and lots of bass from the EQ, it can be quite noisy.

Piano: (Freddie)
Freddie's piano was recorded with two mics and mixed stereo.

Vocal: (Freddie)
Just one track with freddies wonderful vocals.
There's hardly any reverb on his voice.

For those who wonder how they've syncronized that song:
The first 50 seconds are free time. Then Roger counts in (which is not ot hear on the record) and the rest of the song is in beat.