On This Day

Events relating to the group and members for 03 Mar 2024

18 years ago (2006)
Queen+PR live on Queen + Paul Rodgers Tour at American Airlines Arena, Miami, USA.
24 years ago (2000)
Brian and Roger attended Brit Awards and played We Will Rock You with Five on playback.
28 years ago (1996)
Too Much Love Will Kill You from Made In Heaven entered into UK charts on 18th place.
37 years ago (1987)
Freddie Mercury
Freddie's single The Great Pretender entered UK charts on 9th place.
47 years ago (1977)
Queen live performing 1st show of two on A Day At The Races Tour at Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, USA. Groucho Marx invited them all for tea. The band presented him with a tour jacket and gave him a special gold disc of for providing the inspiration and genius behind the films they all enjoyed, the titles of two of which they had used for Night At The Opera and Day At The Races. They sang '39 for him and in return he sang some of his songs for them.
48 years ago (1976)
Queen live on A Night At The Opera Tour at St. Paul's Auditorium, Minneapolis, USA.
50 years ago (1974)
Queen live on Queen II Tour at Guildhall, Plymouth, UK. the crowd sang "God Save The Queen" while waiting for the band to come on stage. Support band Nutz, from Liverpool joined them for the tour at this show.
57 years ago (1967)
The Reaction live on 'Rank-Bush Murphy Dance' at Flamingo Ballroom, Redruth, UK.
67 years ago (1957)
Roger Taylor
Roger moved from Kings Lynn in Norfolk to Truro.