One Year Of Love

Written by John Deacon

Recording information by Philipp (

Recorded in late1985 at the Townhouse Studios, London.
Released in May 1986 on the album A Kind Of Magic.

A tasteful soul-ballad, which is an important background theme in the Highlander movie. It´s one of the most untypical Queen-songs ever!
Without Freddie´s voice you wouldn´t recognize it as a Queen-song.
One Year of Love feat. several guests.

Roger only used a bass-drum, snare and closed Hi-Hat.
All drums are reverbed and/or slightly stereo-delayed. They surely invested much time to create that atmospheric drum-sound. The drums are very slightly placed left and right. There´s also a tambourine-overdub-track (also reverbed and stereo-delayed)

The sound is very warm with lots of treble as well as bass-portion. The signal was picked up via D.I.
Mixed into the center.

- There´s a keyboard-track, which is slightly panned right. John plays a sweeping string-pad sound. That means, that when you touch the keys,the sound doesn´t come immediately but takes a short time to come to its full range. The sound would be best described as Strings 2, to say it in General Midi. Played with a Yamaha DX-7.
- The other keyboard, also played by John, is panned into the middle. It´s an E-Piano sound mixed with bell-tones. Played on Yamaha DX-7.

John invited a 10-15 head string-section to the Townhouse.
Their arrangement is done by Lynton Naiff.
With the exception of some fills, they´re actually only playing in the outro.
Picked up with many mics. The signals are diffused over left and right.

The sax is played by Steve Gregory.
His very tasteful solo is picked up with a small mic, put into the sax-tube.
The sound has got lots of reverb and sometimes a bit of stereo-delay.

The few backing-vocals are done exclusively by Freddie. He recorded his voice on three tracks for this.
The lead vocals are also sung by him.
All voices and instruments are reverbed and/or slightly stereo-delayed.

By the way:
This song is recorded completely without Brian... was this the revenge for Forever?... or was Forever the revenge for this?
There´s also a piano-version, to hear in the Highlander movie.