We Will Rock You

Written by Brian May

Recording information by Philipp (PraxisNothaft@t-online.de)

Recorded in summer 1977 in England (Wessex-studios).
Released in october 1977 on a single and some days later on the album News Of The World.

That song started as a live improvisation and Brian added some lyrics to it. It appears on lots of sports events etc...in Germany it´s the most famous Queen-song (although many people don´t even know that it is by Queen). It is also played on every party.

There aren't any drums. The band used the great acoustic conditions of a recording room at Wessex-studios for a little experiment. They stamped on the boards of a drum-podium and clapped hands (whilst they sat on a piano). After having done this about 15 times, they mixed it and put some repeats on it to make it sound big.

Guitar: (Brian)
The guitar-solo is played on the Red Special and a VoxAc30-amp. The sound comes from a BOSS chorus-pedal and a special pick-up combination: Bridge and middle pick-ups in phase. The warm vibrato is done with the bar.

The backing vocals (band + crew) only have got two different notes, but the voices are multi-tracked. The lead-vocals are done by Freddie.