'Nothin' But Blue' chords guide

Words by Brian May, Music by Cozy Powell, Geoff Nicholls and Steve Makin

Bm			Am
I look at your picture	I'm nothin but blue
I'm hearing you whisper	The way you used to do

And I [Em] can't stop [D] wondering
[G] just how things might have [Am] been.

No, [F] I'm nothin but [G] blue (for the G, try using the regular fingered
F slid up two frets)

My life has no rhythm, somehow it's outta tune
I keep trying to tell them we'll be seeing them soon
But the truth keeps rushing back, guess you know what I mean
No I'm nothing but nothing but blue

[C#m] No use in [D] crying [G#5] That ain't what you would [A5] do [B5] no!

[C#m] living or [D] dying we'll just [F7] keep on fighting through [F7/A.
A] yeah!


[Em} no I can't stop my [D] wondering
[G] About all those things that [Am] might have been
No, I'm nothing but blue, no, I'm nothing but blue
Dmaj7   Dm7  Dmaj7 Dm7  Dmaj7 Dm7 Dmaj7 (strum the bottom 4 strings for
Nothing but blue . . .

Dmaj7: X X 0 2 1 1
Dm7  : X X 0 2 2 2
Author: Andrew Paul Cherry (lancelot@pipeline.com)
Last update: 03/21/2007