'It's A Beautiful Day' chords guide

Words and music by Queen

Intro: Dsus2

                  D    Gm6/D (xx0353)  D       Gm6/D   D
It´s a beautiful day, the sun is    shining, I feel good

     G                     C/D      D
and no-one´s gonna stop me now  oh Yeah

                D      Gm6/D   D      G/D   D        C  G
It´s a beautiful day, I feel good, I feel right and no-one

G                               C/D D
No-one´s gonna stop me now, Mama

Bb                             Ab/Bb  Ab G    Eb
  Sometimes I feel so sad,  so sad, so bad

Eb                             Eb D Cm7(8xx886)
but no-one´s gonna stop me now no one,

Gm7 (3xx331)        Cm/G               C/D D
It´s hopeless ? so hopeless to even try
Author: Filip Krejci (Czech Republic, andilek-filipek
Last update: 03/21/2007