Quote related to 'All God's People' from 'Innuendo'

Freddie and Mike Moran remained very close and Freddie thought Mike would bring out the best on the keyboards on All God's People. Freddie after all had only ever got to Grade Three or Four on the Royal Academy of Music's piano exams and Freddie only ever wanted the very best on this album. The four tracks [off Innuendo] whose words and music outline were Freddie's are obviously All God's People and Slightly Mad as well as Delilah, which, as all Freddie-lovers know was written about his favourite cat. And then, of course, there was Bijou, the fourth. One of the tracks that sticks in my brain is Going Slightly Mad when I distinctly remember Freddie coming home and having great difficulty with the lyrics. This again was one of those occasions where he came in and we were searching for about three hours for the elusive words. And with All God's People, he was having his last blast at gospel which he loved.

Peter Freestone; An Intimate Memoir, 1st of November 2001