Quote related to 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives' from 'Innuendo'

I know some people think Freddie was self-obsessed, because of things like We Are the Champions, but really, not so. He had a lot of modesty, and generosity too, in giving everyone their due. Of course, over the years I wrote (and Roger wrote) many song lyrics with the knowledge that they would come out of Freddie's mouth, and knowing that the meaning would be subtly changed because of this - even as far back as Keep Yourself Alive I remember taking this into consideration. And certainly there are interesting shades of meaning in songs like Fat Bottom [sic] Girls, if you really think about it ! Same goes for These Are the Days of Our Lives which again people tend to think Freddie wrote, because of the context. Not so; Roger wrote every word.

Brian May; Official Website, 5th of March 2006