Quote related to 'Bijou' from 'Innuendo'

Written by Freddie and I together - it was really inspired (in us both!) by Jeff Beck .... I don't know if you realize already, but the song has an unusual format - we wanted to make it a song “inside out” (with its heart on its sleeve). The main parts of the song are played on guitar instead of being sung, and in the middle, where the guitar solo would normally be, appears the short vocal section. The vocal is a succinct and very precise little verse, a little gem, a “Bijou” - a jewel buried at the heart of the piece: hence the name of the song. Each bit of the melody was alive in our heads and “hummed” before it was played - Freddie coming up with the beginning line which started us off on the trail. Those days were very creative - good times.... Postscript - my Mum was given a budgie by a friend. She felt uncomfortable about birds being in cages (she was a real bird lover, and spent much time watching birds in the wild), but, finding herself charged with looking after the budgerigar, she gradually began to love it - it became a great companion for her after she lost my Dad. She called it “Bijou” and she would spend hours talking to it! It never responded very rewardingly vocally, but it didn't seem to matter - the bird seemed to understand her perfectly! It was her little Bijou. It was a sad day for her when the little thing came to the end of its life. She never got another.

Brian May; Official Website, 4th of February 2004