Quote related to 'The Show Must Go On' from 'Innuendo'

Roger wrote most of These Are the Days of Our Lives. By that time, we were all fully aware of what was going on… things are always about more than one thing, but yeah, Roger was able to put some stuff in there and, similarly, I was able to put some feelings into The Show Must Go On in a similar way, and I think, sometimes, towards the end, Freddie had already kind of moved on. Freddie was writing stuff which you will hear, which is very peaceful and already removed, and I think it was left to us to write the things which we felt about him and we felt about the way he was feeling. I think it would've been too painful for Freddie to get into that, but he was happy to sing the way we felt. That's kind of complicated - we were very much directed towards him and he knew it, but he would sing it with our words.

Brian May; Press Conference in Budapest, 27th of June 1993