Quote related to 'The Show Must Go On' from 'Innuendo'

For some reason, John and Freddie and Roger had been playing around with things in the studio and I heard one of the sequences they had come up with, and I could just hear the whole thing descending from the skies... almost in the form, sound-wise, that it ended up. It's something that came as a gift from heaven, I suppose. I did some demos, chopped things up, did some singing demos and some guitar and got it to a point where I could play it to the guys, and they all thought it was something worth pursuing.  Then Freddie and I sat down, and I got out my scribblings and said, “What do you think of all this?” It was a very strange and memorable moment really, because what I'd done was come up with something which I thought was the world viewed through his eyes. We didn't talk about it as such. We talked about in terms of the story… it was very poignant at the time, but strange, not precious in any sense. It was just a song and we just loved the idea of it. I was very pleased with the way it came out, especially the way Freddie pushed his voice to ridiculous heights. Some of that stuff I mapped out in falsetto for him, and I remember saying, “I really don't know if this is asking way too much…” and he went, “Oh darling, not a problem. I'll have a couple of vodkas then go ahead and do it.” And he did.

Brian May; Goldmine, 10th of August 2001