Quote related to 'Procession' from 'Queen II'

The first double-tracked solo I did was on the demo for Keep Yourself Alive, then Procession on the second album was the first proper multi-tracked song. I was very into mediaeval and early English music at the time and recorded Procession with nine guitar parts. That's this Deacy amp. It's a little one-watt amp that John Deacon built and brought into the studio one day. I had done Procession with AC30s and it sounded just a little bit too smooth. I wanted it to sound more violin-like and orchestral. So I double tracked some of the layers using that little amp. Incredible.  I've used it ever since on anything where there's a real orchestral type sound. And depending where you put the microphone in front of the amp, you can really tune the sound. It's very directional. It's a germanium transistor amp, which is transformer coupled-unlike things these days; that isn't really done anymore-with silicon transistors. There's this guy, Dave Peters, who is one of the designers of the AC30 and a real expert on valve electronics and the early days of transistors. I'm working with him trying to reproduce the Deacy amp. Maybe we'll put it on the market. I have to talk to John about it, as it happens. Because John made the thing. And he's very kindly allowed me to use it ever since. It's pretty magical.

Brian May; Guitar, December 1991