Quote related to 'The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke' from 'Queen II'

[Having overlapping lines] was an idea I had for Keep Yourself Alive .... to creat [sic] a bit of extra urgency - though maybe I was compensating for the fact that I often write songs that are impossible to sing !! There is actually no room to take a breath when you sing this song ! I remember resisting the thought (from someone close to us) that the successive lines of vocal should be ping-ponging across the stereo .... that would have ruined it for me .... all these lines had to come up in the centre like a stream of bullets. Everything ELSE pinged-ponged around them !!! That's what I wanted. I don't remember discussing this with reference to The Fairy Fellers Masterstroke but I think Freddie had a similar thought in mind. This song, based on the Richard Dadd painting, had to have some quite mad elements.... I always loved that track.

Brian May; Official Website, 3rd of September 2004